MSc Construction Management and Engineering


Master’s in construction management and engineering (CME) is a two-year master’s programme taught in English. It addresses the increasing need for reforms within the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The CME program is a 4TU program given at TU Eindhoven, TU Delft, and TU Twente and does not include the Wageningen University of Research.

Focus at TU/e

The master’s degree program Construction Management and Engineering (CME) is offered by the Built Environment (BE) and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) departments, with their distinctive research-driven and project-oriented approach to education. This interdepartmental program focuses on the management and implementation of information processes with an emphasis on smart cities and smart buildings. CME graduation projects are often executed in collaboration with industry partners, engineering offices or government institutes. The final graduation project has a clear scientific signature, and is grounded in societal challenges such as climate change, energy transition, circular economy, digital twinning, etc. In particular, it looks at:
  • • City Information Management (CIM): considering the emerging field of urban informatics (including geospatial data, sensor data, 3D city data, etc.), creating virtual representations of cities with real-time connections to the physical world and its inhabitants, catering to various stakeholders such as municipalities, citizens, architects, urban planners, transport engineers, and construction companies, to make informed decisions using urban analytics in the context of smart cities.
  • • Building Information Management (BIM): handling and managing building information throughout the building life cycle, improving the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, operation, and demolishment process, using both static data (including building models, point clouds) and dynamic data (including sensor data, IoT) allowing for the creation of digital twins of buildings and its occupants, and real-time data processing employing AI technology in the context of smart buildings.

The Department of the Built Environment offers three certificate programs: ‘Construction Technology’, ‘Building Design & Technology’, and ‘Circular Design in the Built Environment’. These certificates are supplementary to the regular master program CME.

Since the program is served under a 4TU partnership, the students are free to follow courses at all three universities.

Who can apply?

Following students can apply.
  • •The students can apply for the master program after completing the bachelor programs in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.
  • •The students can also apply for the program after the studies at HBO after completion of a pre-master program for CME.
  • •International Students

CME Information Package

The CME Information Package contains information about the master track, all the core courses, and information about extra certificates

Graduation Projects

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Questions and comments

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